70 min / 1:1,78 / HD / color / dolby stereo / PAL / EN – DE subtitles / 2016


Based on theater workshops with Syrian refugee children living at the border between Turkey and Syria, the film tells the story of five children that have to flee when their village is destroyed. They set out on a journey that soon leaves the realms of reality.

Acted completely by Syrian children who themselves had to flee to Turkey, this film is a multi-layered parable for what war does to children.


Raisa’s everyday life is war, but the eleven-year-old girl believes that somewhere out there is the Land of Light – a place where all wishes and dreams are fulfilled. In this peaceful land all people are equal, no matter what group or religion they belong to. Children can play untroubled as their parents take care of them.

When her grandmother is killed and father is forcefully disappeared, Raisa decides to leave her village and, with her younger brother, sets off to find this place.

On her way, she encounters other children and tells them about the Land of Light and so, they join her on the dangerous journey. As the belief in Raisa’s prophecy strengthens, the group steadily grows closer. But soon the war overruns them. Distrusts divides the group and feeds into the fear that the Land of Light might not exist and that their journey could fail…